Training materials download instructions

1 After clicking the material link you received from the Justin trainer, you will see following view. The correct material package is already selected. Click Proceed to checkout

2 Checkout view appears.

a. If you don’t have existing account to JustinShop, fill your personal information, email, and define a password under Billing details. This will create an account for you. Please use the same email address to register which Justin trainer used to reach you.

b. If you have existing account, click Returning customer and fill in your JustinShop username and password

3 Accept the JustinShop terms and conditions. Click Place order. Note that you might receive an account verification email but that is not required to download the materials.

4 Order received view appears. Scroll down and you will see Downloads section.

5 You can download training material modules by clicking the download buttons. Please make sure you download and save one module to your computer before continuing to the next module.

In case of any issues, please contact your trainer.